Q1. Where are the racks made?    
A1: The racks are designed and made in our Ningbo factory,welcome to visit our factory.Before your coming, give us a call or email, we can pick you up.
Q2. I would like to purchase the product. Where can I buy one?     
A2: Please contact us directly. Our customer service email is info@chingor.com
Q3. How long do car racks take to fit?    
A3: Initial assembly and fitment will take approximately 10 minutes for the first times. After some practice the installation shouldn¡¯t take more than 5 minutes.
Q4. Do you sell directly?Could I just buy only one?    
A4: Yes, we do.We run a website shop in Taobao.com. Directly contact our Dandy, she would be more than pleased to help you. Dandy's email :sales01@chingor.com
Q5. Can I carry E-bikes on my car racks?    
A5: Check your instruction manual and see if your bike carrier is suitable to carry E-bikes, otherwise don¡ät load an e-bike in your bike carrier as e-bike is much heavier and designed differently.
Q6. What's the difference between roof racks and roof rails?    
A6: Roof racks go across the vehicle from side to side, roof rails run from the front to back of the vehicle. Totally different, roof rails are factory fitted, and roof racks are essential when fitting other roof bike rack.